img00223-20120921-1912I attended a conference recently, the theme of which ,’Transitions’, evoked a rich mish-mash of thoughts and musings over the last few weeks – seasonal , no doubt ,as the old year ended and the new one began.

No.1 : Transitions are often experienced with fear as well as anticipation. Right in the midst of our Child ego state excitement, a voice warns us “Be careful, watch out “, and we shrink into our armoured place, observant and cautious.

No.2 : Transitions encourage forgetting. Losing track of the journey, focusing on the to-be-arrived-at. But can we arrive “knowingly” without the accompaniment of the past?

No.3: Transitions may be entirely unsought but earnestly longed for; subconsciously denied to self and others. Constancy, pre-eminent of the Stoic’s virtues, elevated.

No.4: Transitions may take us back, bizarelly to old thoughts, to patterns, or ways of being that we thought we had left behind. We struggle to integrate some of the old with the new, as it stubbornly reveals itself.

No.5: Who and what will we allow into our process as we grapple with the meanings of the old and the new, the ‘well-kent’  and the threatening exciting future.

Welcoming uncertainty? Welcoming risk ? Welcoming Disapproval ? Welcoming Joy ? Welcoming Surprise ?

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