Five common therapy issues in January

Hard to imagine that this month, January, has almost gone.

There is nojanus1 other period that delivers more in terms of the impetus to be ‘dealing with stuff’ in therapy. In my experience, it kicks in around week 2 of the new year – the highs of new year and festivity have receded and there … yes, there they are … them , that , this S *!T.. that needs to be ‘ dealt with ‘, ‘ faced up to’ and ‘ kicked into touch ‘.

So … here, and suitably disguised from any actual words I’ve heard, are the 5 therapy issues that I’ve encountered most commonly in January:


  1. Leaving behind a personal behaviour that no longer satisfies or works
  2. Facing a choice to remain or withdraw ( from a person, people, jobs, places)
  3. Going deeper into self and awareness
  4. Facing the need to be really heard
  5. Confronting deception and seeking a new authenticity

I admire the human capacity for growth and change. Soon it will be Spring.